"Lene makes an effort to tailor the lessons to each students interests and level of skill. Once I went to Norway and spoke with the locals I had many compliments on the quality of my Norwegian. This is without a doubt thanks to Lene's encouragement and expertise as a tutor. I strongly recommend her for anyone who would like to learn Norwegian." Lachlan , August 2022.

"Lene Skaug helped me out with a government accepted translation of my Norwegian birth certificate. Her work has enabled me to use this document in official dealings with the Australian Government. Lene is professional, expedient & most importantly, friendly and approachable. 
A very positive experience. Thank you, Lene”
Hans, Perth, WA,  2021.

"Lene has a fantastic approach to teaching and provides unlimited resources to keep me interested, motivated and continually improving with Norwegian. I live here in Norway she works hard both during the lesson and behind the scenes to provide a tailored and flexible class structure during our Skype lessons. I have had a handful of different Norwegian teachers in Australia and in Norway (both in person and via Skype) and Lene continues to produce the most affordable and superior service I have experienced. Takk Lene!!"  Rachel (28), March 2022. 

'I began language lessons with Lene in July of 2021 after my wife and I decided we wanted to move to Norway in 2022. In the seven months between beginning lessons and relocating to Oslo, I feel I've been able to attain a good grasp of basic conversational Norwegian, and a firm understanding of the grammar. Lene explains things in an extremely clear and thorough manner, is happy to work at my pace, and is always available to answer questions and clarify difficulties I may be having. Coming originally from Norway, Lene has also provided many invaluable pieces of advice regarding culture and customs, which has made my transition to life here in Oslo much easier. I highly recommend her if you are looking to learn Norwegian!' Wade, March 2022.